"But some secrets are too delicious not to share."

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But you are. To me, and to so many people in the universe


Cher Lloyd Alphabet: t → tattoos



Michelle Rodriguez laying down truths

That third gif also sums up the reason why so many queer women in fiction get treated like shit and why we barely get acknowledged as existing at all

These pathetic excuses for writers have no idea how to write a woman who doesn’t want to fuck a man


the worst thing about brokeback mountain is how they turned it into a joke here was a high profile drama with a-list actors and lgbt protagonists and then everybody just wrote it off and labeled it as “that gay cowboy movie” when they aren’t even gay cowboys they’re bisexual shepherds this is why we can’t have nice things

We both know that I'm your one and only...


I DON’T DO BOYS a playlist dedicated to queer lady love ♥ lots of lesbian songs + female covers + no male pronouns!

senorita - chloe howl | marsh king’s daughter - eisley | lovesong - adele | little numbers - boy | sometime around midnight - virginia speidel | i don’t do boys - elektra | i wouldn’t mind - he is we | heard it on the radio - the bird and the bee | teenage dirtbag - b. p. valenzuela | dont’cha - the internet | girls - daisy clark | do i wanna know? - ms mr | bonfires - blue foundation | valentine - kina grannis | i’m not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance - kate nash | gravity - sara bareilles | come on petunia - the blow | boomerang - lucy schwartz | i kissed a girl - nathalia g | kind - eisley | glass vase cello case - tattle tale | merry happy - kate nash | ocean avenue - lauren lowther | 1901 - birdy | only straight girls wear dresses - cwa


this should have Catallena in this. It’s an adorable song! <3